About us

Africa Distribution Company is a company founded with the aim of providing specialized solutions to private and public organizations. Incorporated in Uganda with limited liability. The company was set up to develop and maintain high standards of corporate social responsibility and performance through logistics support and development, aimed at improving the quality of services delivered so that they effectively contribute to clients investment objectives and ultimately to national development. Africa Distribution Company has acquired substantial experience in providing management solution services in the areas of Advertising and Payroll Management, Networking, and Software development. ADC’s unique approach is to embody a common vision that upholds a clear set of corporate values. The company addresses an important market comprised of corporate organizations seeking to enhance customer service through effective implementation strategies while for public institutions such as government agencies and NGOs are able to deliver their interventions to the public effectively. We use tried and tested tools to develop comprehensive solutions, winning implementation strategies, monitoring and evaluation plans together with our clients to meet their objectives. In today’s competitive global economy, it is imperative for both private business and public entities to have effective strategies that will help them enhance their image, improve on service delivery, keep their products competitive, and ultimately boost their financial standing.Through our management consulting products we are able to ensure that our clients stay on the path they set out to follow, we consistently point out the possible challenges to organizations and advise you on how to overcome them. Our team of trusted and competent consultants with an extensive network in government, and the corporate establishment make us your key solution for the answers you will need, we work collaboratively with you to develop sustainable plans that mirror your values and deliver the results you expect. A personal touch, extensive resources, thorough planning are some of the benefits provided by ADC’s consultants but most significant of all is knowing that no matter how complicated your business becomes our consultants will stand with you helping you and you’re organization keep your plans on course and y our ambitions within reach. Be our partner; let us be part of your success!